27. August 2021

Amaru/Videle August 2021

25/8: Corn in Amaru is doing a little better as there has been more rainfall her 25/8: Harvest of Sunflowers in Videle 11/8: Sunflowers is very […]
17. August 2021

Oravita week 33 – August 2021

It is extremely dry after 4 weeks without a drop of rain and daytime temperatures above 35 degrees every day. There is no rain in the […]
14. July 2021

Videle week 27, July 2021

Weather station in the corn field. Harvest in Videle. Our own and 4 rented combine harvesters. 3 smaller rented machines harvest wheat in Videle The corn […]
14. July 2021

Oravita week 27 – July 2021

New Hawe wagon in Oravita. Soya in Oravita. Wheat harvest in Oravita. The silo intake cannot keep up, and runs around the clock, when wheat is […]
14. July 2021

Amaru week 27 – July 2021

Sunflowers in Amaru. The harvest in Amaru. Meeting in the morning i Amaru. The Sunflowers is fine in Amaru. Heavy wheat field close to bearing seed. […]
21. May 2021

Amaru week 19 – May 2021 from the chairman’s visit in Romania

  Videle is a bigger Farmsite. They are wery good at repairing their maschines themselves, the bigger ones too, as you can see on the picture […]
21. May 2021

Videle week 19 – May 2021 from the chairmans visit in Romania

The sowing is finish, and the maschines er ready for washing   The crops in Videle – it means a lot, that we have dug canals […]
21. May 2021

Oravita week 19 – May 2021 from Chairmans visit in Romania

The area in Oravita is quite hily, and there has been a lot of water The farm in Oravita We have finish the sowing in Oravita […]
3. May 2021

Amaru and Videle 16. – 30th of April 2021

2704: The Wheat in Amaru looks good, because of much rain 2004: The Rapeseed in Videle 2704: This rapeseed were once the smallest in Amaru 2704: […]

Very good land, centrally located in Europe, at prices way under other places in Europe.