16. May 2019

Amaru/Videle week 18 – May 2019

Wheat in Amaru First sown Sunflowers in Amaru Corn in Videle Rape in Videle
6. May 2019

Videle/Amaru April week 17 / 2019

A lot is going in the field for the moment  – the crops generally grows, but we need water. The rape is in full bloom and […]
6. May 2019

Oravita – April week 17 / 2019

There has been a lot of storm, so it has delayed the spraying, which has been impossible. It really has been a long period this year […]
6. May 2019

Videle og Amaru April week 16 / 2019

Still very dry despite, only some minor showers in week 15. Approx. 15-60 mm on both sites. There was spraying in Videle, while it was teasing […]
2. May 2019

Oravita – April week 15 / 2019

14. April: 2. years wheat with rape in the background 10. April: Rape Ciclova 10. April: We need water ! 10. April: We started the Amazone […]
18. March 2019

Oravita March 2019

Rape- and wheat fields looks good, all the fields is fertilized but the spring is late!
17. March 2019

Videle and Amaru March 2019

Rape fields is good, but some of the have to be sown again. We expected  250-270 ha in Videle Most of th wheat is sprouted in […]
31. December 2018
jorden grubbes færdig

Amaru december 2018

Vinterklar i Amaru Der kom sne, mens det sidste jord blev grubbet færdigt
1. November 2018
Raps i videle inspiceres

Amaru and Videle in October


Very good land, centrally located in Europe, at prices way under other places in Europe.