5. April 2024

Sarmit in the end of Februar and March 2024

A small area is plowed and sown with peas at the end of February in Sarmit (used for seed for subsequent crops). The peas were up […]
5. April 2024

Videle in the end of March 2024

Winter barley at the end of March
5. April 2024

Amaru – March 2024

First wheat spraying in March Smaller area with oats, sown i February and up at the end of March
5. April 2024

Amaru – January-March 2024

The wheat did come up until January after at very dry autumn and winter The wheat in the beginning of March The wheat in the end […]
12. March 2024

Oravita week 11 – March 2024

The wheat that has been sown with the new Strip Till sowing machine is certainly not inferior to that, which has been etablished in the traditional […]
10. November 2023

Oravita week 45 – November 2023

In order to avoid future restrictions on the composition of the crop rotation, a minimum of 50% of the farm’s cultivated area must be established with […]
7. November 2023

The 2023 season is coming to an end

The 2023 season is coming to an end and it has certainly not been the year with great yields, due to the somewhat unfavorable weather conditions! […]
29. September 2023

Amaru – August 2023

Sunflowers in Amaru in August – 2 weeks before harvest
29. September 2023

Videle – September 2023

Sowing of Wheat and Sunflowers in Videle – here is very dry

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