26. June 2024

Pictures from the Shareholder trip from 9th June – 13th June 2024

Some good pictures from a fantastic shareholder trip, which was carried out with great success and good inpu from the shareholders. Poul Bech Sørensen is the […]
16. June 2024

Oravita – June 2024

Harvest start of wheat in Oravita The first Sunflowers in Oravita
3. June 2024

Oravita May 2024

Finally we got rain that can be used for something. The rare and small showers of a few mm evaporate again lightning fast and are of […]
22. May 2024

Amaru – May 2024

Service at transport facility Amaru
22. May 2024

Sarmit – May 2024

6-row Winter Barley in Sarmit – too bad bush and too few but nice ears of corn The late wheat varieties are now blooming, and in […]
22. May 2024

Videle – May 2024

First sown Sunflowers in Videle 2-row Malt-Winter Barley varity on new Land in Videle 6-row Winter Barley in Videle behind the Farm, prefertilize peas, and okey […]
5. April 2024

Sarmit in the end of Februar and March 2024

A small area is plowed and sown with peas at the end of February in Sarmit (used for seed for subsequent crops). The peas were up […]
5. April 2024

Videle in the end of March 2024

Winter barley at the end of March
5. April 2024

Amaru – March 2024

First wheat spraying in March Smaller area with oats, sown i February and up at the end of March

Very good land, centrally located in Europe, at prices way under other places in Europe.