27. April 2018

April 2018

Oravita, the 27th April: Wheat flowering Oravita, the 22th April: Corn sown on april the 12th Oravita the 20th April: The rapeseed is flowering Oravita, the […]
21. March 2018

March 2018

6. February 2018

February 2018

February 2018  
8. January 2018

January 2018

January 2018 Videle: Nice bush of wheat, January 8th. The, until now, mild winter has been good for the wheat Videle: Rape 8th January. Nice plants, […]
6. November 2017

2017 in Pictures

October/ November 2017 Videle: That’s grubbed ahead of next year’s soy Videle: Some low-field rapeseed fields due to the very dry autumn, and therefore uneven/lack of germination Videle: Still […]
22. November 2016

2016 in Pictures

Shareholder Meeting – 25th November 2016   Trip for the board – week 43 – oktober Allan Burmeister show the bord the fields in Videle Rape […]
11. December 2015

2015 in pictures

December 2015 Wheat in Videle 11th December Latest seeded wheat in Videle 11th December Rape in Videle 11th December November 2015 Wheat in Oravita 27th November […]
16. October 2014

2014 in pictures

October 2014 Spraying of wheat in Mizil 16 October September 2014 Early morning in Mizil late september: Wheat is sown and sunflower is harvested – temperature […]
2. September 2013

2013 in pictures

September 2013 VIDELE: In Videle autumn work is well in progress, with sowing of both rapeseed crops and wheat, but there is very dry, som germination […]

Very good land, centrally located in Europe, at prices way under other places in Europe.