23. January 2023

Videle week 3 – January 2023

Earliest sown wheat in Videle, some shrubbery, but characterized by a very dry autumn
6. December 2022

Oravita week 48 – November 2022

Covercrop. Flushing in a newly sown wheat field after 400 mm of rain in September and until the middle of October Wheat sown after mulching of […]
12. September 2022

Videle week 36 – September 2022

Harvest of Sunflowers week 36 in Videle
12. September 2022

Oravita week 36 – September 2022

After May 1st there has been no rain, so after 4 months without rainfall, 220-250mm has come since August 20th. Much more local, so currently some […]
15. July 2022

Videle week 28 – July 2022

Unloading rapeseed in Videle Videle is less affected by drought, and here we have a lot more water, which should help the spring crops.
15. July 2022

Amaru week 28 – July 2022

Amaru is hardest hit by drought, but it is still quite incredible what can grow even though we need water. Right now, though, it looks pretty […]
4. July 2022

Oravita week 26 – June/July 2022

Pictures from the harvest in Oravita
16. June 2022

Oravita week 25 – June 2022

The winter crops have af very high yield potential on May 1th. But a month without rainfall has taken the peak. The wheat now matures a […]
30. May 2022

Oravita week 22 – May 2022

The wheat is sprayed with fungicid the last time It was severely dry after 4 weeks with no rain, and the winterseed lacking water. Now we […]

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