Long-term strategy - the company's potential

A key point in the business ides is to invest in very good land, centrally located in Europe, at prices that are far below comparable land elsewhere in Europe.

To further stimulate prices on earth, the possibility of, possibly through partnerships, to establish pig production, or authorizations to such. Plant production can have major benefits in a pig farm on adjacent land.

There are constantly focused on attractive investment opportunities in farmland and other real estate in Romania, and possibly other attractive parts of Europe.

The strategy is to build a company – and an upcoming sister company – with a good business, and thus with positive financial results.

When this is a reality – and with the earth appreciation potential as an important parameter – work out specific strategies to make its shares tradable.

The strategy can be summarized as follows:

Purchase of land with great potential for cultivation

The starting of crop production with maximum surplus target

Possible use of land as the basis for pig production

Wait for appreciation to the land

“Go public” at an optimal time, so that the transferability of the shares to be strengthened