24. March 2021

Oravita – in the middle of March 2021

Rape field with snow in the middle of March!
24. March 2021

Oravita – In the beginning of March 2021

The fields after much rain/snow in the Winther!
24. March 2021

Oravita – February 2021

Wheat field with frozen damage after one week with har 12-15 degrees below zero The same field 4 weeks after – again a little green
22. March 2021

Amaru / Videle – March 2021

The last sowing Rape in Amaru is good because of the mild Winther, and the looks good in the beginning of March, otherwise they were very […]
22. March 2021

Amaru/Videle – February 2021

All fertilizer for winterseed came out on light frost – however, wet holes could be found! Again this year, we had good dry weather in february, […]
22. March 2021

Amaru/Videle january 2021

Catch crops in Amaru – both Vikke and Havre – became something last year, due to rain around sowing. Wheat and Rape in Videle in January, […]
20. January 2021

Oravita – January 2021

Some days with temperatures just around freezing, gave a lot of snow Delivery of seed and fertilizer in January. All corn and sunflower seeds are now […]
2. November 2020

Oraviat week 44 – October 2020

Soya harvest. We godt the most in dry weather with sun in- only 2 days in October Very much rain the last 5 weeks, it is […]
20. October 2020

Amaru/Videle week 41/42 – October 2020

First sown rape in Amaru Latest sown rape in Amaru First sown wheat in Amaru Sowing Wheat in Videle We are still spreading a lot of […]

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