Særdeles god landbrugsjord, centralt beliggende i Europa, til priser, der ligger meget langt under tilsvarende jord i det øvrige Europa.

21. May 2021

Amaru week 19 – May 2021 from the chairman’s visit in Romania

  Videle is a bigger Farmsite. They are wery good at repairing their maschines themselves, the bigger ones too, as you can see on the picture […]
21. May 2021

Videle week 19 – May 2021 from the chairmans visit in Romania

The sowing is finish, and the maschines er ready for washing   The crops in Videle – it means a lot, that we have dug canals […]
21. May 2021

Oravita week 19 – May 2021 from Chairmans visit in Romania

The area in Oravita is quite hily, and there has been a lot of water The farm in Oravita We have finish the sowing in Oravita […]
3. May 2021

Notice Convening the Annual General Meeting 18th of May 2021 at 10.30

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3. May 2021

Amaru and Videle 16. – 30th of April 2021

2704: The Wheat in Amaru looks good, because of much rain 2004: The Rapeseed in Videle 2704: This rapeseed were once the smallest in Amaru 2704: […]
3. May 2021

Amaru and Videle 1. – 15th of April 2021

0604: The first Sunflower is sowing in Amaru the 31th March 0604: 10 Ha of Rapeseed in Videle have been lost in the water 1404: Good […]
3. May 2021

Amaru and Videle 30. March 2021

Biggest rapeseed in Amaru is growing Smalles rapeseed in Videle is growing well too The wheat are getting the right colour
28. April 2021

Oravita – April 2021

090421: The rape is not good this morning with minus 5 degrees! 210421: Frost damage in the head shot 220421: The rapeseed is finally blooming. Is […]
24. March 2021

Oravita – in the middle of March 2021

Rape field with snow in the middle of March!